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The TRIDENT is built like a tank, solid, strong for live performance. It features our newly updated iconic TSAC-4K Amp Modeling (White-box Physical Modeling algorithm).

The TSAC-4K Amp Modeling algorithm is twice as complex than previous versions. This led us to design a new hardware platform with 2 DSPs, one to handle all the effects, and the other to handle the amp modeling algorithm. Additionally, the TRIDENT uses premium A/D & D/A converters and analog circuits to achieve a clear sound with low noise levels.


  •  INPUT Impedance: 1MΩ
  • AUX IN Impedance: 10kΩ
  • RETURN Impedance: 100kΩ
  • OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2, SEND Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Phone Impedance: 47Ω
  • Dynamic Range: 109dB
  • Sampling Rate: 48kHz / 32bit
  • System Latency: 1ms
  • Power: 9V DC (Negative Tip, included ACD-006A adaptor)

 We Modeled Everything. Even the Patch Cables 
This world-class amp modeling algorithm comes fully loaded with features and functionality. Just like their real counterparts, the included 27 amps feature HIGH/LOW inputs, 4 inputs for patch cable jumping, toggle switch for voicing, for max tweaking.


 An IR Loader for the Best Cabs
The TRIDENT is a powerful IR loader and includes 27 Cab IRs at 1024 sample resolution. Fine tune your Cab tone with 4 microphones (3 positions each), to adjust IR low cut / high cut / level.

And finally, expand your IR library with 3rd party IRs and 32 additional slots. The Trident™ edit software will convert the IR format automatically on your PC or Mac.


 Intuitive Control Layout 
The knob layout, toggle switches, and foot switches of the TRIDENT are akin to stomp boxes, you can engage/disengage the effects freely. The SELECT & PARAM encoders with LCD display deliver more parameter details, block order / status.


 A Powerful Studio Device 
The TRIDENT is also a powerful studio device, a perfect USB-C Audio Interface for guitar. You can download Trident Editor™ from the product page to edit patches, and setup the USB routing. Record your TRIDENT tracks to your favorite DAW or use it as a re-amp device to breathe new life into your previously recorded audio tracks.

Caution!! In order to offer you the best dynamic range of USB Streaming, the TRIDENT doesn’t control the PC’s system playback volume. When using the TRIDENT as a USB audio interface, remember to adjust your PC's playback volume from the "minimum" to the desired volume. Take care of your ears.


Perfect for live applications, the TRIDENT offers plenty of I/O options. The SEND/RETURN effect loop for external effects, 2 balanced XLR outputs to the PA system, PHONES output for monitoring, EXP. PEDAL input for adding an expression pedal, MASTER VOL pot, and MIDI IN / OUT.

 USB Port 
Connect the USB cable to your computer for firmware updates, USB audio recording, or Trident™ edit software editing.

Note: Connect USB cable to computer and hold UP & REVERB foot switches to turn on TRIDENT, then you can enter to DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode to do firmware update. For more details, please visit product page to check the firmware update guide and download the newest firmware & Trident™ edit software.


1/8" MIDI IN / OUT Jack: Connect an external MIDI device here with the included 1/8" to 5 pin MIDI adaptors in the giftbox.
Note: Do not connect an audio device here. Doing so will cause malfunctions.


The MASTER VOL potentiometer can adjust overall output level.
Tips: Please adjust the pot from it's minimum setting to the target volume you feel comfortable with. It’s usually loud enough when set at 12 o’clock. Protect your hearing!


 1/4" Send/Return Jacks 
Connect external pedals with the SEND/RETURN jacks. The SEND impedance: 1K Ω. The RETURN impedance: 100K Ω.
Mode: Serial, Parallel, Branch. (Branch mode only SENDs the signal out)


The TRIDENT includes a 30 seconds phrase looper and you can adjust the looper position as PRE or POST. In PRE, the recorded loop is clean and ready to be processed by the TRIDENT Amps and Effects. In POST, the recorded loop is processed by the TRIDENT.


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