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Our teachers are experienced professionals, proficient in teaching students of all ages and styles. At Joondalup Music, we like to make your lessons fun and as such try and incorporate your favourite styles of music into the lesson.

Brad - Guitar / Bass / Saxaphone 

After spending three years at WAAPA from 1996 to 2000 on the saxophone, Bradley began instrumental tutoring at Maranatha, Carey, Somerville and Swan Baptist Colleges. He has taught modern-style guitar and bass as well as big band classes. Bradley has played bass in the local band scene for seven years pre-pandemic and has in that time developed a passion for limited-release and one-off-production-run instruments.

Kye - Guitar / Bass 

Kye is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist from Perth with over a decade of playing experience and more than five years of teaching expertise. Kye excels in blues improvisation, articulations, chord extensions, jazz chords, and both right and left-hand techniques. His mission is to empower students to reach their musical goals. With a focus on ensemble playing and strategic practice methods, Kye is committed to guiding students on a transformative musical journey. 

Paul - Guitar / Vocal / Drums

Perth raised and educated, forged in the live music scene for over 35 years. From Vocalist in Blackest Sabbath, to front man/guitarist/songwriter of Day Of Kings and solo instrumentalist /producer of Kafkaesque. PJ has honed his craft as a musician and as a teacher in both Australia and in the USA. With a no nonsense practical approach to passing on his knowledge and a dash of his quirky sense of humor, across 4 musical disciplines (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) PJ's love for music is second only to his passion to teach music, something he has been doing for over 25 years.

Sonny - Guitar

Sonny, a Perth-based multi-instrumentalist with over five years of experience, is currently studying Jazz Performance at WAAPA. Specializing in ensemble collaboration, soloing, and improvisation. Sonny has spent the past year and a half honing skills in the lively Perth music scene. Through diverse band performances at various venues, Sonny is dedicated to fostering artistic expression and empowering music students to enhance their capabilities and gain confidence on stage.

Toby - Guitar 

Toby, an experienced contemporary guitar instructor, offers lessons spanning various styles, including indie rock, jazz, blues, and modern metal. With a background in teaching at TAFE, private lessons, and qualifications in music and audio engineering, Toby brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his guitar instruction.


Darryl - Guitar

Darryl studied Jazz and Contemporary Music at WAAPA. He has been part of the cover band scene in Perth for over 20 years, playing guitar, bass and keyboards while covering a wide range of styles. He has been involved in recording
composing and performing music for youth musical theatre and dance projects.
Darryl has many years of experience teaching privately and in schools. He is also
currently involved with the government organisation Catch Music, working with
people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Aiden - Guitar / Bass / Piano 

As a performing musician in Perth for nearly 15 years, Aiden has been lending his experience to students with passion and care since 2018. Since attaining a Diploma of Contemporary Music at WAAPA in 2014 he has since undertaken studies in Composition and Music Technology. Applying his knowledge of guitar, bass and piano he currently writes music for film projects across Australia and Europe. Aiden’s focus as a teacher is to provide his students with the skills to learn, perform and create their own music in a fun and engaging environment.

Sian - Piano

Sian, a Grade 8 pianist from Wales, is not only passionate about playing the piano but also about teaching. With four years of experience instructing younger students and a background as a qualified Primary School Teacher, Sian brings enthusiasm to her teaching style, aiming to bring out the best in every students.

Selina - Piano

Selina has been playing music since the age of seven. She has a wide range of experience whilst learning the piano. Selina can teach contemporary, pop and classical music and is able to help students prepare for their AMEB exams.

Edge - Piano / Violin 

With 14 years of professional piano expertise and an impressive 8 years of viola proficiency, Edge has dedicated a significant portion of his life to the art of music. His journey has not only been about mastering the keys or strings, but also about imparting knowledge and inspiring the next generation. Throughout his teaching career, Ihe has cultivated a deep understanding of musical nuances, enabling him to connect with students of varying skill levels and backgrounds. Every lesson Edge conducts is a blend of technical proficiency, passion, and a desire to see students thrive. Whether guiding a beginner or refining the skills of an advanced player, his commitment remains the same: to foster growth, love for music, and the joy of learning in every student.

Dave - Drums

Dave has been teaching for over 10 years and is passionate about helping students achieve their drumming goals. His wholistic approach ensures that as well as become a great drummer, you'll develop the skills



Mahaan - Drums

Bio Coming Soon 

Ella - Vocals

Ella, currently studying her Bachelor of Contemporary Music at WAAPA, embarked on her musical journey at the age of 6. Her dedication to her craft is evident through the successful completion of AMEB exams in Musical Theatre, Vocals and Piano. Beyond personal accomplishments, Ella's mission is to empower students, fostering both confidence in their singing abilities and a genuine love for the art. With a keen focus on nurturing talent, Ella aspires to be a guiding force in students' journeys toward self-expression through song.

Georgia - Vocals

Georgia, is currently studying her Bachelor of Music education at WAAPA ECU, and has completed her Certiface lV in Musical Theatre. Shes also completed her AMEB Rock school exams in vocals up to grade 6. In her spare time she has a particular passion for writing and composing her own songs. She’s apart of an acoustic duo with her brother (Ikigai Brady Georgia Music) and has been performing all around Perth for the past 5 years. Music has been her whole life and she hopes to teach and share her passion for singing, whilst also building up students confidence and abilities!



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