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Casio CTS500Bk Keyboard - Black

Casio CTS500Bk Keyboard - Black

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Sounds That Just Want to Be Played

When choosing an instrument, there are some compromises you just can't make. Playing the CT-S500 featuring Casio's own AiX Sound Source, you'll get exactly the performance you imagine. It's a keyboard focused on sound, offering a range of rich tones created with expressivity in mind. Thanks to Casio’s Active DSP, effect parameters can be assigned to control knobs and tweaked in real time, adding greater dynamism and expression to your performance. Discover your own music with sounds that just want to be played.

One Keyboard, Multiple Uses. Endless Possibilities.

With musicians performing in an ever-widening array of settings, the fact that you can't always choose where you’re going to play makes the instrument you use all the more important. Maybe you'll want something with a built-in speaker so you can practice at home or compose. For rehearsals and gigs, the keyboard has standard line out jacks for easy connection to a PA or other external equipment. What’s more, the compact size of the CT-S500 makes it super portable. With all your bases covered, you've got a musical partner with endless possibilities.

Great Sound – What Every Musician Expects from a Great Instrument

What makes a great instrument if not the great sounds it produces? The CT-S500 is powered by Casio’s advanced AiX Sound Source. Developed specifically for instruments focused on sound, it is capable of generating a wide range of high-quality and highly expressive tones. The CT-S500 additionally offers a set of ADVANCED TONES, designed for maximum expressive creativity and showcasing the power of the AiX Sound Source. Also built-in is a collection of CASIO CLASSIC TONES, hand-picked from our long line of classic Casio keyboards. All in all, the CT-S500 contains 800 tones for you to explore and enjoy.

Effects to Take Your Musical Expression to the Next Level

The CT-S500 features a range of on-board effects, from compressor and phaser to distortion and wah to further sculpt your sound. Choose from 100 types of DSP effects for each of the four available effect chains, and assign effect parameters to the physical knobs to dynamically control the sound in real time. When it comes to system-wide effects, the CT-S500 offers reverb, chorus and delay. And because two independent effect chains can be applied to two separate tones, you can switch back and forth seamlessly. Even when layering two sounds or splitting the keyboard, you can still apply separate effect chains to each tone. When using the auto accompaniment feature, you can apply different effects to the lead (melody) part and the accompaniment part. Take your self-expression to the next level with an instrument that’s all about the sound.

Ready, Steady, Connect

The CT-S500 plays nice with other gear, too, offering a range of connection options. The line out jacks let you easily connect to a PA system, keyboard amp, or other equipment for live performances, recording sessions or other setting, and the built-in speakers can be muted if required. Connect other MIDI-compatible equipment and use the CT-S500 as a MIDI sound source or as a MIDI controller. You can even use the CT-S500 as a Bluetooth® speaker with your smartphone or tablet. Use in conjunction with Casio’s dedicated app for practice, muting melody lines or accompaniment, changing pitch or tempo, or simply playing along when learning by ear.

New MIDI Features Have Been Added for Improved Usability!
(CT-S500 Firmware Version 1.06)

With the new CT-S500 Firmware Version 1.06, it still allows tones from the MIDI Recorder and SONG function to be controlled separately from the keyboard performance using MIDI messages. In addition, when using the digital keyboard as a sound source for playing back MIDI data from an external device, it is now possible to reflect the same tone as when playing on the digital keyboard itself, to the MIDI data playback. You can now use the LCD screen to check the tones used as you play. These new features enable smoother music production in real-time.
Moreover, MIDI messages from an external device can now be used to easily recall setups that have been saved with the registration function on the digital keyboard, allowing you to freely enjoy your favorite settings, including active DSP. Among these MIDI messages, Bank Select and Program Change can be used in combination to recall these setups, making it possible to use with a wide range of music production software. 

Small Size, Big Sound

Switch on the CT-S500 and you’re ready to start playing. The built-in speakers are designed around Casio’s own advanced Horizontal Bass-Reflex System, which delivers powerful low-end sound belying the keyboard’s compact dimensions. Switch on the surround sound function and experience the power and vibration of the music, or the volume-sync EQ that automatically adjusts the tone in relation to the volume for a full sound even at low volumes.

Sample Any Sound to Create Music

Don’t be limited by the built-in tones: the CT-S500 can also sample sounds from your smart device as either pitched tones or drum sounds. When used as a pitched tone, the sample can be used to play melodies and other musical lines. When used in a drum set, the samples can be used to replace individual drum sounds. Pitched tones can use samples up to about 10 seconds long, while drum set samples can use samples up to about 3 seconds long. Get creative by dropping in different kinds of sounds—your own voice or your pet’s, ambient sounds, or anything at all. Combine them with the Active DSP effects for some truly original musical explorations.

Sophistication in a Compact, Portable Design

The CT-S500 is loaded with great sounds and sophisticated features. But one of its most attractive qualities is its compact size and portability that make carrying it to the studio or stage a breeze. It’s an advantage you’ll appreciate at home, too—especially if you like to set up and play whenever and wherever the mood takes you. There’s even a strap pin: no keyboard stand, table or desk required!

Easy-to-Use Console Panel for Real-Time Sound Control

The console panel, comprising an LCD screen and a minimum of buttons, dials, and knobs, makes real-time control of sounds quick and intuitive. Save your own tone, rhythm and effects settings as presets for immediate recall, and assign frequently used functions to the five soft buttons under the LCD screen. The CT-S500 is a winning combination of simplicity, compact size, expressive sounds and sophisticated features: everything you need to enjoy making music exactly the way you want.

Sound Samples

More Features

  • 243 built-in rhythms plus 50 user rhythms and auto accompaniment programs in a range of styles that allow a single player to create ensemble performances.
  • Arpeggiator: Automatically generate chord arpeggios and other musical phrases with the press of a key.
  • Touch Response: Control the intensity of notes played for richly expressive playing.
  • Layer: Combine two separate tones together for broader performance possibilities.
  • Split: Divide the keyboard into left and right sections each with a different tone.
  • Metronome: Useful for both practice and playing.
  • User presets: Save up to 64 presets (16 banks of 4 presets) containing various settings, including tone, rhythm and more.
  • MIDI Recorder: Record and playback your performances.
  • Pitch Bend Wheel: Smoothly bend the pitch of notes up or down.
  • MIDI Controller: Use the keyboard as a full-featured MIDI controller for other MIDI equipment.
  • MIDI Clock Generator: Send MIDI clock data to sync tempo with other MIDI equipment.
  • Phones jack: Headphones output for silent playing.
  • Wireless MIDI and Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10): Connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®.

Input/Output Terminals

① micro USB Type B ② USB Type A ③ DC 12V terminal ④ PHONES jack ⑤ AUDIO IN jack ⑥ LINE OUT jacks (R, L/MONO) ⑦ PEDAL 1 jack ⑧ PEDAL 2/EXPRESSION jack

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