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Augustine Classic Gold Classical Guitar Strings

Augustine Classic Gold Classical Guitar Strings

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Augustine Classical Strings are designed to give you endless possibilities that will best suit your particular needs. The best way for you to decide which of our strings sets will sound best on your guitar is simple: try them and let your ears be the judge. Match one bass and one trebles set.

Augustine Classic Gold - Classic Nylon Regular Tension Trebles / Gold Plated Medium Tension Basses
Classic Treble 1 E .028 .71 17.21 7.81
Classic Treble 2 B .032 .81 12.88 5.84
Classic Treble 3 G .040 1.01 12.25 5.56
Gold Bass 4 D .0315 .80 17.76 8.06
Gold Bass 5 A .035 .89 14.16 6.42
Gold Bass 6 E .0445 1.13 14.38 6.52


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